Calibrating Your Monitor’s Brightness

In order for you to see the most image detail while web ‘surfing,’ you need to make sure that your monitor is adjusted correctly. If the brightness is off, you may not be able to see important details in the images.

This is a handy way to check the brightness setting of your monitor. In the above image, there are eleven squares of differing shades of gray from 0% brightness (black) to 100% brightness (white). Adjust the brightness setting on your monitor until you can see all eleven distinct zones. If the darker zones are all running together, you probably need to increase the brightness. If the lighter zones are running together, you probably need to decrease the brightness.

Keep in mind that the brighter the room lights, the harder it will be to see the subtleties. If you can’t find a setting that allows you to see all eleven zones, consider dimming the room lights to help.

We hope this helps. Happy Surfing!

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