Make Your Design Burst in Affinity Designer

In this video tutorial, I show some of the features within Affinity Designer that allow repeatability and also subtle shading.

I recorded this screen capture while making a burst-ray pattern. It only took a few minutes, but it shows some of things that Affinity Designer is good for. I created a variety of shapes, and used the Control-J feature to repeat steps. I also manipulated text and used the gradient feature for both the background and the text body.

Green burst design

If you’re interested in getting Affinity Designer, you can visit their website to get more information.

We’re always adding new Tutorials, which you can find by clicking this link.

There is no dialogue or voice-over in this video. It’s just me making the design. Feel free to pause and follow along. If you have any questions about this video or about anything else related to this great design tool, please leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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