If you have a regular need for digital resources, there are many sources available that can provide a large number of items at a modest price.

The advantage of a Subscription based service is that you have access to a large variety of assets as you need them. Once you are signed up, you just browse to their site and find what you need. No need to pause to negotiate a usage contract every time you get the urge to create. The prices are very reasonable, given the number of resources that they make available.

Be sure to review the license agreement. The allowed usage will work for most creators, but it’s important that you know of any limits that need to be followed for using assets obtained under one of these subscription services.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is an online service that allows subscribers to access a variety of digital resources including Video, Video Templates, music, Sound Effects, Graphic Templates, Graphics, Presentation Templates, Photos, Fonts, and other add-ons.


Storyblocks has a variety of footage, sounds, and images that would be useful if you are wanting to create videos.

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a great site for a variety of creative resources.


Canva is another great source of digital assets, with an on-line tool for building basic designs.


Pexels has free downloadable assets.


Pixabay has pho0tos, illustrations, vector files, videos, music, sound effects, and GIFs.