A Review of Society6

I started selling on Society6 February 2018, and while I didn’t have a TON of sales, it was a mostly enjoyable experience. With a minimal amount of effort, I was able to upload designs and see them in my “store front”.

I also like that they added to their selection of merchandise regularly. Ever few weeks or so, I was pleased to see that new offerings were being made available. It was very encouraging.

Unfortunately, I got an ominous email yesterday afternoon saying that my account had been suspended. It was fairly vague and mostly just pointed to their Terms of Service. I didn’t think I had violated anything, but I was open to what they had to say. I responded immediately via their web form and asked for help. I want to correct any issues and move forward. Then I waited for a reply.

Anxious to hear from them, I submitted another inquiry yesterday evening. I wanted to know what I could do to fix the situation, and needed more detail. Still no response, but their form said that they’d reply within 24 hours, so I waited overnight. Still nothing this morning, so I inquired again. Eventually, 24 hours passed with no response from them, so I submitted again.

Finally, I did get a reply, but it only narrowed things down slightly. The issue was apparently related to intellectual property, but I don’t know what specific item or items caused them to think that. I responded immediately this evening asking for more clarification and to know what I could do about it. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do at this point, but until yesterday, I had no problems with using their site for selling my designs. I will be patient, and will keep trying to get a response. I understand that they’re busy, but I’m not ready to give up on them yet.

I do wish they’d given me some kind of warning had they thought there was a problem with one of the items I uploaded. I would have dealt with it right away had I know there was an issue. Had they done that, I’d be working on a new design right now rather than writing about the issue. But neither they nor I can change that now. I just want to get this resolved. I’ll update soon when I hear more from them.

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