Sale on Affinity Products!

If you’ve been on the fence about getting any of the wonderful creative software products from Serif (Affinity), then now is the time!

Right now they are having a Black Friday Event on all their products, at 30% off. I would say their software is an incredible bargain at full price, but getting them on sale is even better!

If you’re looking for a great alternative to Photoshop (or are tired of renting software), then look at Affinity Photo on either the PC, Mac, or iPad. For a one time price, you can own this wonderful software which has most of the features of Ps, but which I think has an easier to use and faster user interface.

For vector work, Affinity Designer is also great, and it also comes with a version for PC, Mac, or iPad.

And if you’re wanting to expand your capabilities with either product, you can use their Brush packs which are also on sale at their store.

I don’t get anything from sharing this post. I just want to support them in their effort to make great software products that we can use to express our creative talents.

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